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Car Hire Cyprus

Car hire in Cyprus is always cheaper to book in advance as local booking rates can vary quite dramatically.

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Driving your hire car in Cyprus

  • Driving in Cyprus is definitely a must as regular transport service is scarce to all remote areas where of course you will want to visit the many places of interest.

    From Paphos, to the fabled Baths of Aphrodites, to the cool and inviting Troodos mountains there is much to see and explore in Cyprus where legend has it that the Gods used to frolic and play.

  • Driving in Cyprus you'll find reasonably good surfaced roads linking all major towns and villages.

Four lane motorways connect the capital, Lefkosia with the coastal towns of Lemesos, Larnaka and one part of Paphos.

Minor roads and forest roads although largely unsurfaced are good enough to drive safely on.

Although it has to be said that appropriate care should be taken when using these roads, especially during wet weather.

    A valid International driving licence or a National driving licence, provided it is valid for the class of vehicle they wish to drive is a requirement in Cyprus.

Please check with the Cyprus Tourist Organisation (CTO) for any latest amendments to driving licence regulations.

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